Dual credit and early college credit options to earn credit are opportunities that MMSD encourages ALL students to take advantage of.  

What is Dual Credit?

Dual credit means earning both high school and college credit simultaneously.  These programs may occur within the high school facility or at post-secondary or off-site locations. Each program has its own nuances.  As you plan for life after high school, be sure to check out our post-high school planning site to guide you through the process and see how dual credit/early college credit can assist you in jump starting your plan.

What types of Dual Credit and Early College Credit Courses are available?

Currently, the following programs are available to MMSD students (see individual pages for more specifics):

What is an Industry Certification?

Industry Certifications are highly-valued certifications where individuals are assessed through independent, third-party exams using predetermined standards for knowledge, skills and competencies, resulting in the award of a credential that is recognized by a chosen industry or field as proving preparedness for entering that industry or field.   See the Industry Certification page for specific certifications offered to students in MMSD.